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Anxiety is a persistent state of worry, nervousness, or fear that can be experienced as thoughts, emotions, or in physical symptoms. Anxiety can be due to stress, life events, real or imagined threats to our well being, or can be an all-encompassing dread with no obvious causes.

Traditional obsessive compulsive disorder can be treated effectively and efficiently with our evidenced-based treatment model. Checking, counting, obsessive thinking out of fear is something we can handle! We also treat addictions and pleasure based compulsions like porn addiction.

We provide marriage counseling, relationship counseling, and individual counseling to help with family and social adjustment. We can help with communication skills training, problem solving, and conflict resolution. Turn what divides you into something that unites you.

We specialize in treating difficult children and adolescents. Don't let confusing diagnoses like ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, and bipolar disorder frighten you. We have specific techniques to help you get back in control and get your child on the right path.

Why Choose Us

We're always looking for results. Our techniques are designed to reduce or eliminate symptoms and improve quality of life. We try to accomplish our goals in the briefest time possible, while maintaining quality and permanency of results.


Focused on Results

We value efficiency and effectiveness. We are mindful of your time and your budget.


Experienced with Many Problems

We know how to treat many types of problems including psychological, relational, work and life problems.


Less Talk, More Action

We use a variety of specific techniques  and therapeutic stratagems to utilize in between sessions to help you reach your goal.

Therapetic Stratagems

Technical Stratagems

Relational Stratagems

Mixed Stratagems

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The Family Therapy Institute provides psychotherapy, family therapy, and counseling to individuals, couples, and families.

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