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Our standard fee for psychotherapy sessions is $150.
Elizabeth Harden offers reduced fee appointments at $80
Michele Downey offers reduced fee appointments at $80
Toni Lasiewicki offeres reduced fee appointments for $80

We accept the many insurance plans. You may need to fulfill your deductible before your insurance will pay for services. Your copayment is due at the time services are rendered. Your copayment amount can be found on your insurance card listed next to SP or Specialist. Many insurances require pre-authorization.

We also accept many Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs). EAPs require pre-authorization through your employer.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    Check (made out to the Family Therapy Institute)
    Credit or Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
    Insurance or EAP
  • Which insurances do you accept?

    We accept the following insurance
    Chad Hybarger, PsyD Elizabeth Harden, MFT Toni Lasiewicki, MFT Michele Downey, MFT
    Aetna Better Health (Medi-Cal)
    Anthem Blue Cross
    Blue Shield
    Blue Shield Promise (Medi-Cal)
    Beacon Health
    Federal Employees Blue Cross/Blue Shield
    Community Health Group (needs pre-authorization)
    Medi-Cal (straight Medi-cal only, no Medi/Medi)
    Medicare or Medicare with supplement
    Mental Health Net
    Military Onesource (needs pre-authorization)
    Optum Health
    Tricare (needs physician referral)
    United Health/Optum
    Value Options
    Many Employee Assistance Programs
    Private Pay Clients $150 $80 $80 $80
  • What Employee Assistance Programs do you accept?

    We accept the following EAPs
    Chad Hybarger, PsyD Elizabeth Harden, MFT Toni Lasiewicki, MFT Michele Downey, MFT
    ACI Specialty Benefits
    Aetna EAP
    Anthem EAP
    Beacon Health EAP
    Ceridian EAP
    Cigna EAP
    Human Behavior Associates
    Magellan EAP
    Mental Health Net EAP
    Military Onesource
    Optum Health EAP
    Unicare EAP
    Value Options EAP
  • I have MediCare or Medi/Medi, do you accept that?

    Only Dr Hybarger can accept MediCare patients or Medi/Medi patients.
  • What about my deductible and copayment?

    Copayments are due at the time services are rendered.
    If you have not met your annual deductible, you are responsible for all fees until your deductible is met.
  • Will you bill our insurance for us?

    Yes, we will bill your insurance for you. We will submit the bill to your insurance and accept assignment. Your insurance company will send us the payment directly.
  • My insurance card is one of the ones listed above, are you a provider?

    The insurance industry is undergoing a lot of changes. The insurance company whose logo is on your card is typically your medical insurance. Behavioral health may have been carved out to a different company under your plan. For example, if your card says Blue Shield, you may have mental health benefits under Magellan. If your mental health benefit is provided by Psycare, you may not be covered for our clinic.
    If your insurance card lists a special number to call for mental health, it is a good sign that behavorial health is carved out to another company. It is best to call that number to find out who covers behavioral health to determine if we are providers before you set an appointment.
  • Do I have to pay if I miss my appointment?

    You are responsible for paying for missed sessions.
  • Do you charge for reports or letters?

    Reports are charged at the hourly rate of $150.
  • I need low fee counseling

    Elizabeth Harden manages the low fee counseling program. Consumers requiring very low fees should book with Elizabeth Harden, Michele Downey, or Toni Lasiewicki.
    They charge a flat rate of $80/session.

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